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"Polarity Therapy offers an open, dynamic paradigm for healing that affects all levels of individual being, making it essentially deeply integrative of mind, body, spirit, and emotion. At its core it embodies spirit/source energy as the essential energetic movement/process. While there are many tools and practices, at every point polarity incorporates both the ‘client’ and the ‘healer’ within the intimate process of transformation and unfoldment.”

~KZ, Physician Assistant

"Stepping into Angela’s office the first time (What do you call your space?? office doesn’t sound quite right), I immediately sensed I had entered a loving, safe and nurturing space. Angela’s calm demeanor invited me to take a deep breath and relax. Her gentle questioning allowed me to explore health concerns in a new way and guided me to understand the relationship of the flow of energy and health. Experiencing Polarity Therapy from Angela’s sure hands is to feel energy flow, to feel alive, to feel in balance…to experience health and wholeness. She opened a door to a way of understanding health and healing that totally made sense to me and started me an the road to energetic healing.”


"Angela Whitney provides deep enriching support for my mind, body and spirit. She helps me to develop and enrich my inner resource enabling me to live in my radiance as well as to qualitatively deal with everyday circumstances. She accepts all of my foibles and enhanced qualities without judgement and holds a space for my highest self to embody here on earth. She is a special transformational artist.”

~AD, teacher


"I have referred multiple clients to Angela Whitney for coaching and witnessed life-transforming results.  I am a previous client of Angela’s and it changed my life for the better as well.  Though the coaching experience is unique to each individual, a common outcome is that it reconnects people to the core of who they are, empowering them to tap into their own resources during life’s challenges.  Ultimately this translates into improved global health.  Angela allows clients see their true value and potential because she has exceptional insight and ability to sense a person’s unique spirit. She has the gift of facilitating the articulation of feelings, thoughts, and ideas which results in the formation of a clearer vision of what the client is wanting.   What once seemed impossible is now possible. The power of a life recapturing its true essence and purpose is limitless.  Clients that I have referred to Angela have demonstrated self-discovery and more purposeful action, improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms, shifts in negative thinking, improvement in self-care, and the development of more healthy work and personal relationships.”

~CW, Pharm D


"Angela is an amazing woman with the highest of integrity, professionalism, and care. She has made an amazing difference in my life and continues to do so. Of all the people in my life, Angela has made the most positive difference and impact. She has taught me and continues to teach me how to make my life more of what I want, how to squeeze the most juice out of my experiences! There are no words to explain the wonderful events and outcome of work.”

~ GW, entrepreneur

"I cannot think of anyone I could recommend more highly than Angela as a Raphaelite Work practitioner and retreat guide. She has perhaps offered more Raphaelite healing sessions and more one-to-one sessions in private practice than anyone I know. As a guide, she brings the uniqueness of the light of her soul to the process of inquiry and presence.  She offers her retreatant an immense knowledge base, years of practice, and deep spiritual realization.”

~Himayat Inayati ThD, originator of the Raphaelite Work

"Angela provides an atmosphere of love, empathy, and safety. She is a superb listener, present and respectful of all that is shared with her. She is sincere and genuine and works with you in an intuitive and sensitive way, where you are, with her heart, which is a very large heart. She is filled with love and a warmth and provides communication and understanding that are invaluable at a physical and emotional level. I cannot say enough about the support she has provided for me at a very difficult period in my life.”

~AOY, artist


"I have known Angela Whitney for approximately 20 years during which time she has been my Polarity Therapist, and she has come to be a friend.    I think  highly of her as a therapist, so much so that I recommended her to both my daughter, a teacher, and grand daughter, a student, who live in the Asheville area.  My daughter continues to see her on a regular basis, and grand daughter as needed.  Because I live in Clemson, SC which is about 100 miles from Asheville, I do not get there as often as my daughter does, but I do see Angela every few months.   I am a licensed massage therapist, certified Healing Touch Practitioner, certified Polarity Therapist myself, and a certified yoga teacher, and am familiar with a number of body-mind therapies.  I get massages and energy work every 2 weeks, teach 3 yoga classes a week and have my own practice, but I find that sessions with Angela bring me to a place of peace and internal quiet that none of the other modalities do.  She is a healing presence, a person of rare intelligence and depth of understanding.

Occasionally I refer my clients to Angela, and each who has taken advantage of the opportunity have been pleased and made additional appointments with her, although it is a long drive from here.  I recommend her with absolutely no reservations.”

~Eleanore Richardson, Clemson, South Carolina

"I have been working with Angela since 2004.  Our sessions have become invaluable since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.  My work with Angela gives me the ability to deal with the challenges of life by providing renewed hope and clarity of mind and purpose.  After a session, I feel lighter and more connected with God.  I have a greater understanding of myself, my place in the world, and my relationship with others.

Angela creates a loving space for communication and growth.  I feel safe during our sessions and that allows me to share and explore my darkest feelings and fears.  I feel supported and nurtured.  Angela has an intuitive sense of what is happening during a session that fosters communication and growth.

I enjoy the accessibility of phone sessions.  I can connect with her from the comfort of my home.  After the session, I can process the session without interruption.  I am able to maintain the spiritual connection that was fostered.  This allows me to further explore issues that were revealed during the session and to continue to absorb its essence.

I have explored many forms of healing therapy throughout my life.  None have been as transformative as my sessions with Angela.  I heartily recommend them.”

~Cynthia Hemenway, Nurse Midwife, Gainesville, Florida


"In all her actions, Angela exhibits values of Mercy, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, and Trust/Teamwork. She is thoughtful and sensitive in expressing her opinions and suggestions in council meetings. She openly praises her colleagues, recognizing their accomplishments and hard work. In meetings, she asks for clarification of plans and actions, when much discussion has yielded various ideas.
She is known for her great support of her clients as as a health coach. In this role, she has worked with people who have diabetes, depression, weight or other chronic health challenges. She facilitates the client’s own best thinking to ensure the client’s actions are based on their own ideas, thus promoting success.”

~CO, RN at Mission Hospitals

"Angela has helped to guide my spiritual journey for nearly six years now.  She is patient and kind, wise and open.  She has given me invaluable tools to help me reflect and delve more deeply into my spiritual life and also in the daily presence of the Divine in my life.  I continue to be so grateful for her counsel and the tremendous difference she has made in my life.”

~Crissy Maynard, Greenville, South Carolina

"It was a big step for me to take my first five-day retreat completely away from the world. I resisted the idea but was intrigued at the same time. Leaving my historical self behind for a few days, Angela guided me through reflections and exercises and quiet times that a helped me to blend mind, body, nature and Spirit.  The beautiful retreat home was a place of simple grandeur. The pasture, the creek, the mountains, the birds, the sheep, the dogs come together to create a scene of quiet inspiration. Every day of my retreats, I  have enjoyed watching the picture change – the early morning moving into noon into mid-afternoon and opening into the huge starry sky surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Retreats with Angela are long-lasting and life-changing.”

~Crissy Maynard, Greenville, South Carolina

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