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Synergy Services

Services at SynergyAlive  

Services integrate  body-mind-spirit to support personal well-being and fulfillment with bodywork using Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy and mind-body therapies using visualization, imagery, and meditation. Far from the everyday world of “normal" which is often tedious, mind-numbing, and unimaginative, at SynergyAlive, adventures in bodywork and inner journeying promote play, resilience, “juicy living,” enhanced relationship with self and others. It optimizes possibilities in the world.  The resulting personal new experience is truly greater than the parts that went in to it.

Juicy Living

So, what’s “juicy living?”  You’ll recognize it…  It's when our body, mind, and spirit are working together.  It’s our natural state when we are full of life—feeling light, free, and spacious.  Well-being is high and we feel fulfilled.  It’s like biting into perfect fruit—succulent, sweet, flavorful, delightful, dripping with goodness, and irresistible–so satisfying.  Juicy living is what we look for. We enjoy ourselves when we’re juicy and have confidence that others enjoy us too.  We’re full of eager anticipation, teeming life, and brimming possibilities.  We experience our world of magic and promise, curiosity, and lightheartedness.  Senses are alive and active.   Intuition and personal wisdom speak clearly to us.  We are more effective as we experience goodness in life and the flow of our own creativity.  Connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us are full of meaning.  Come "taste the tea " to experience what juicy living is like for you...  Contact Angela for an appointment and with your questions...!

Bodywork Sessions

In a session, after time together exploring physical, emotional, or spiritual issues the client brings, clients receive a bodywork session combining Polarity Therapy, Raphaelite Work, and CranioSacral Therapy modalities to listen  to and aid the client's body to optimize natural health.  The client is discharges effortlessly what is ready to go, making space for the body’s natural intelligence to operate, and allowing the whole system to move forward in its own way.   Each session unfolds uniquely in addressing the client’s intention and circumstances.  A session lasts from 60 to 120 minutes.  Clients experience "juicy living," and report feeling lighter, relaxed, renewed, open, clearer, and with more insight in their life situations.  

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Angela facilitates experience in the Domain of the Heart in a guided meditation using The Raphaelite Work.  Presence to physical sensations, images or thoughts, emotional feelings, and a felt sense of connectedness is effective to deepen inner life.  It is a gentle, non-judgmental and non-manipulative process.  A client’s own guidance is accessed, resulting in enhanced understanding and wisdom.  Clients also learn how to resource themselves for challenging situations in every day life.  This inner journeying is supportive for healing, personal growth and "upgrading one's system."  A session is about 60-90 minutes.  It can be incorporated effectively with bodywork sessions, as a session without bodywork, or even on the phone.

Raphaelite Work


Clients often want to dedicate a more time for rest and renewal , to deepen inner life, foster personal growth., and develop a deeper sense of connectedness.  Retreats are a time to allow time for nurturance, recharging, getting a new perspective, reconnecting with self, nature, and Source; and “upgrading your system.”   The retreat space is a charming cottage in the mountains outside Asheville, next to a creek in a woodland sheep pasture.

Three to five day retreats are recommended for first retreats, but other arrangements can be customized.  This gives time to “shift gears” by  leaving the world of daily habits and  the “historic self” behind.  The result is new life and vitality  emerges and is more readily available.

Raphaelite Work by Phone

The good news is that this work in the Domain of the Heart, this facilitated inner journeying works great by Zoom or on the phone.  Clients listen for the languages of their 5 bodies--physical, emotional, mental, connectedness and spiritual--to track their felt senses and shifts guiding them to new realization. Clients also learn about resourcing themselves in times of stress.  Feeling settled and empowered, clients stand in their own wisdom, finding their new sense of peace and greater insight.  This journeying is gentle and supportive, healing as well as transformational.  Sessions are usually 90 minutes and are arranged by appointment.

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