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Meet Angela

Innate body intelligence and the world of energy

 An advocate for the body’s innate intelligence, an energy practitioner, and a mentor for “Juicy living,” her road has unfolded over time, like for most of us.  Since childhood, Angela understood that even a metal desk, though seemingly quite "solid", actually was mostly space--molecules and atoms.  In 1971, Angela was struck by the body’s remarkable innate intelligence to carry on its essential workings to heal itself, and that one's personal lifestyle choices can give the body what it needs to do its work. Angela’s work since has been to bring this good news to others.


Energy Fields

Angela learned more about energy fields while working on her Masters of Nursing at Emory University in 1983, and has studied them ever since. Dedicated to fostering well-being and “juicy living,” work at SynergyAlive contributes to a return to our natural state when we feel full of life-- light, free, inspired, and spacious. Along with her awareness of innate body intelligence and energy fields, Angela trained in various energy modalities, primarily Polarity Therapy, but also Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Reiki, as well as work with the craniosacral system and the Raphaelite Work. Her focus is always quality of life and promoting well-being. 


Areas of professional experience

Her clinical experience spans more than 23 years as an healing arts and holistic nurse practitioner, always focused on quality of life as we move thru life– from personal growth and well-being, to integrative health practices, to addiction-related recovery, women’s health challenges like menopause, to serious illness like cancer and end of life issues in Palliative Care.  Angela has been a speaker at nursing theory conferences speaking about the energetics of personal growth.  

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