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 Body/Mind/Spirit Energy Healing

Since 1996...

About Us

~Innovative Support for Personal Well-Being & Fulfillment~

About SynergyAlive

SynergyAlive delivers Body/Mind/Spirit energy healing.  Here people access innovative support for personal well-being and fulfillment using energy body work with mind-body therapies.   At SynergyAlive, clients learn to promote personal growth by using their own energy system.  Body, mind, and heart intelligence are actually optimized using Craniosacral and energy bodywork with guided meditation for renewal. "What you want" is the compass that guides you forward into living in the power of what’s possible.  Like a “leg up on a horse,” this synergetic partnering with body-mind-spirit results in an attitude of openness and vitality, zip in the step, and gives birth to new possibilities.  By learning how to unpack the hidden gifts in every day life, we “grow ourselves” and create “juicy living,” while difficult situations are more easily navigated.  That's transformation from the inside out.

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Energy and Flow
Synergy Services
Meet Angela

Re-establish the flow of life energy currents and the body’s innate intelligence...

Adventures that promote play, resilience, “juicy living,” optimizing possibilities in your world.

Practitioner in the world of energy, transformation, and juicy living…

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